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cherry blossom pattern on cards and notebooks


As a lover of graphic arts and more particularly engraving, I make artisanal stationery. I create cards and notebooks decorated with original hand-printed linocut patterns which add extra soul with its subtle variations.

My graphic universe is inspired by old botanical books, revisited to modern tastes with bold and cheerful colors. I offer a wide variety of patterns and colors, and new creations all the time.

Faithful assistants slipped into your bag, my notebooks will collect your ideas or your sketches. And what could be more delicate than offering a hand-printed card for each important event in your life?

Intended for your personal use or as a gift, my products are made in Provence, with care and quality materials.

ancre bio

My journey

After artistic studies and a career in the field of education, I now devote myself to linoleum engraving. I live in the south of France where I have set up a small workshop at home which allows me to make my productions.

This manual printing technique allows, from the same motif, to produce several prints which will each have a unique appearance thanks to their small variations and imperfections.

I explore and experiment with what this technique offers me by playing with patterns, colors, superpositions... I engrave separate elements in the form of stamps that I use in combination and sometimes superimposed to obtain impressions which although they appear similar, are nevertheless unique.

I offer you these prints in the form of cards and notebooks that you .​


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